PETRA – The Rose Red City

Deep in the desert of Jordan lie’s the hidden city of Petra, one of the greatest marvels of the ancient world.

Carved from rose-red rock, Petra’s monuments, dwellings and temples were for centuries the centre of a splendid civilization.

Later the city fell into ruin and its location was lost, until the Swiss explorer Johann Burckhardt rediscovered it in 1812.

Petra’s mysterious beauty and dramatic story have long captivated the imaginations of historians and art lovers.

Petra Temple

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Day 1: Meet at Melbourne Airport as a group and enjoy your flight with Michelle and/or Rick to begin your Meditation Tour through the Holy Lands of Petra & Egypt.

Day 2: Land Amman International Airport and check into our hotel and freshen up and relax and have a Group Meeting with Mahmoud.

Day 3: After breakfast, we head off to The Dead Sea for a swim and lunch. After lunch we journey to Petra and settle into our Hotel. Tonight we visit Petra for Night Show of 1000 Candles, weather permitting.

Day 4: This morning we set off to Petra to discover the 8th Wonder of the World by daylight.  Hewn out of the rose-coloured rock face, this ancient Nabataean City of Petra is one of the Middle East’s most spectacular destinations.

We climb up through Petra and view the entire site. You can bargain for jewelry, nick-nacks and all sorts of things as Petra is filled with market stalls that you will not see anywhere else in the World. The people who still live in Petra are beautiful kind people, not aggressive and willing to just let you shop quietly. They like to talk to you to practice their English, but will not hassle you at all. (Please note a lot of walking is required to see all the sites and viewpoints of Petra. Walking shoes are definitely needed – not thongs.)

A well needed evening meal at a local Jordanian Restaurant will be a wonderful finish to the day.

Day 5: After breakfast, we 4WD through to Wadi Rum. This is an interesting and easy drive that takes you into some wonderful places Jordan has to offer.

Wadi Rum is an extraordinary desert landscape that will delight every fiber of your body. The magnetic desert sands will fill your inner self with wonder. If we are lucky we may even get to see the House of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ – which is still standing. Our 4 hour jeep safari takes us through some of the most beautiful and sublime desert scenery on this planet.

Wadi Rum is full of weird and beautiful lunar-like rock formations. Traces of ancient civilizations can be seen in the many carved inscriptions found throughout the Wadi Rum area, from pictographs to Thamudic, Nabatean and Arabic texts. These rock paintings are aged over 3000 years. (Make sure your camera is charged….!)

The most enduring monuments in Wadi Rum, however, are those carved by nature – natural rock bridges, the towering rose-coloured sand dunes and scattered rocky peaks.

As the evening unfolds we pull into our Desert Camp. You will have the choice of sleeping under a camel hair tent or out under the stars. A comfortable mattress and blankets will be provided. Dinner is included and cooked by a local Bedouin. Western style toilets facilities are available.

After our evening Meditation in the desert of Jordan – one of the known Holy Lands – you may fall asleep peacefully or stay awake to count the falling stars—make a wish and enjoy the peace the Desert has to offer. (Evening Meditation under the Stars. Evening Meal Included.)

Day 6: Morning walk, ‘self-time’ to enjoy the desert dunes and surrounding areas. Keep your camera ready….!

Mid-morning we drive to the Red Sea Town of Aqaba. Time to relax or swim in the hotel’s swimming pool.

Day 7: Today we catch ferry across the Red Sea to Egypt to continue our Tour into the Egyptian Lands of Mystery and settle into Red Sea Beach Camp.

The Red Sea – this Holy Sea is where Moses led the people through the ocean as the ocean waves parted, closing in when upon the Egyptian Soldiers as they followed.

The ferry ride is approx. 2-3 hours (Jordanian time?!?) but comfortable. You can sit upstairs outside on the ferry if the sun is shining or relax inside with each other or read a book quietly or perhaps you would prefer to people watch?!? It is 2-3 hours of space, which is always good whilst travelling as it gives you time to digest your trip or catch up on your travel journal.

After arriving at the Egyptian Dock, (welcome to Egypt!!), we hop onto an air conditioned bus for a short drive to the Red Sea Beach Camp. It is simply beautiful. We have huts to sleep in with the beach right outside our door. The huts are made from local palm trees and have a mattress with sheets and mosquito netting. The toilets and showers are western style facilities.

The Red Sea coast is justifiably famous for its beautiful scenery both above and below the water. Why not start the day with a fantastic snorkeling trip to discover this spectacular world or relax on the golden sands watching the mountains of Saudi Arabia across the ocean? (The meals at the Red Sea Beach Camp are not included in Tour Costs – however the food is all freshly cooked and sensational to eat.)


Day 8: Up ’n ready! After breakfast we continue into Egypt. 2.5 hr drive to Sinai in our air-conditioned bus.

Sinai is an area of beautiful scenery, high cliffs where it is known that Hermits still live in caves today to receive spiritual enlightenment. These Hermits are served food by special chosen families that only know the routes to their caves by information being handed down through ancestry.

Mt Sinai is where Muslims, Jews and Christians collectively believe that the Ten Commandments were revealed to the Prophet Moses. Whatever your beliefs, Mt Sinai is a spiritual place. The feelings you will feel here will open your heart in a special way, perhaps in a way you have never known before.

Here we visit the Greek Orthodox Monastery of St Catherine built around the Burning Bush that spoke to Moses. This Monastery was built over 1400 years ago.

St Catherine’s has been one of the world’s greatest centers for religious pilgrimage for over fifteen centuries. Within its impressive walls rests a citadel like no other, extremely rich in significant religious and historical structures. The Monastery can be thought of as an absolute ‘ark’ for its spiritual treasures. Among its treasures is a library of ancient manuscripts and icons considered second in rank only to the Vatican’s itself, and a 6th Century Church reputed to lie directly on the site of the Burning Bush. Quite simply, the Monastery is a defining feature of the Holy Land.

If you wish to climb up Mt Sinai to view the sunset, you can. The walk is challenging and will take up to 3 hours depending on the fitness of self or you can hire a Camel and Bedouin guide for ¾ of the walk, thus leaving you with only 750 steps of ‘repentance’ instead of 3750 steps!!!  The Sinai area is very spiritual and you will feel this spiritually deeply within your Soul. (Meditation Evening in Sinai.)


Day 9: Leaving early, we have a long drive back to Cairo to arrive in the afternoon to visit Coptic Cairo—the oldest part of Cairo.

Here we walk through the 2000 year old alleyways & visit some of the oldest churches ever built. It is here where you will feel the ‘ancientness of age’ as you walk through the alleyways, as Jesus, Mary and Joseph did when they lived here during the first 4 years of Jesus’s life. It has a ‘time stands still’ feeling. As you look at the wooden doors that hide alleyways you cannot see, you think to yourself, “…If only you could speak…” Yes Coptic Cairo is another world to be explored. Mahmoud will talk you into another world with his stories of Coptic Cairo.  (If you have already been here in your last tour, you can now take your time to wander the alleyways for photos ’n shopping.) 

Day 10: Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Museum Tour, Talk on the Hieroglyphics & Ancient Pharaohic History.

Mahmoud will speak on things that bring together the life and times of the Pharaohs, of the Lands of Egypt and the love they held with the beliefs of their worship. You will find you will understand more about the History of Egypt through this Museum tour. After the Museum, we visit City of the Dead, a City built over and within the Graveyard of the Ottoman’s – a history lesson in itself. People still live in this City and Mahmoud and Michelle will take through the City and we will visit some family homes and drink tea with them….

Day 11: Today we visit the Pyramids of Giza & The Sphinx. In the afternoon we enter the Great Pyramid & Meditate in the Sacred Room of Khufu.

Once we enter the Pyramid complex you will see camels everywhere…! And a camel ride is the best way to see the Pyramid Complex – feel free as you ride through the desert dunes like the Bedouins did in those ancient days of Egypt surrounding the Pyramids. (Camel Ride is an optional cost.)

In the afternoon we will enter the Great Pyramid of Khufu, walk up the grand walkway and enter the Sacred Room where Khufu’s Great Coffer still lies today. You will feel the vibration of the stone work. You will feel the vibration of the Earth, as this Pyramid is built over the very center of Earth itself. When you meditate you will enter another dimension that calls your Soul to remember its point of heritage in life and spiritual substance. Today you will receive a ‘Special Gift’ within yourself as you Meditate within the Great Pyramid!

This evening we catch the overnight train to Aswan arriving in the morning refreshed. (Meals supplied on train.)

Day 12: Aswan is known as a Nubian City and is Egypt’s gateway to Africa and an important market town where herbs, spices and jewelry are some of its specialties.

Today, after we settle into our Aswan Hotel we will regroup for a day visit to Philae Temple dedicated to Goddess Isis. This Temple is magnificent. You will enjoy what the Temple has to offer as the story of Osiris and Isis unfolds to you…Meditation at the Temple of Isis.

After the Temple we will have a brief Orientation Walk around the Market area getting you in touch with your bargaining skills…!

In the evening we visit the famous 5* Movenpick Hotel on the bank of the Nile. We will go to the rooftop bar and relax whilst looking at the “Nightsky of Aswan’. You will love this…..!

Day 13: Early morning drive through the Sahara Desert to Abu Simbel to visit the Temple of Ramses II and his wife Nefertari.

The Sahara Desert is one of the places in this world likened to the 9th Wonder of the World in my opinion. This desert is one of the most spectacular sights ever seen. Its expanse is mind boggling. To watch the sun rise over the Sahara is one of the luckiest things to experience in life. You will love this part of the tour.

Abu Simbel have two Temples; one dedicated to Ramses II and the other dedicated to his beautiful wife Nefertari.  The Temples are cut into the rock faces of the sandstone hills on the West Bank of the Nile some 280km south of Aswan and 52km from Egypt’s border of Sudan. They are the largest of several rock-cut temples constructed by Ramses II in Nubia.

The name Abu Simbel comes from the Arabic name Ipsamboul. You will experience a wonderment of age when you see how these Temples stand out in the Desert of the Sahara, whilst standing on the banks of Aswan Dam.

We leave early in the morning to beat the heat of the day so we may wander around the Sacred Temples before it gets too hot. Of course there is also a market to browse through too!!!! Let’s try out those bargaining skills once again before hopping onto our bus to come home…!!!

Back in Aswan in for an afternoon of relaxation and free time for shopping.

Day 14: After breakfast we get picked up by our air-conditioned bus & drive into Luxor. After booking into our Hotel, we then visit Karnak Temple.

Karnak Temple is huge!!!! It’s a collection of major Dynasty’s built together as each Pharaoh places an area of their reign within the Temple Complex. The hieroglyphics are still intact in many places in the colour spectrum that was used originally, so in a way it’s a ‘walk back through time…’

Mahmoud will talk about the meanings behind the hieroglyphs therefore explaining what the picture-glyphs say when you read them. A truly fascinating day.

Evening visit to Luxor Bazaar where you can bargain for some wonderful gifts for self & others.

Day 15: West Bank Tour to Colossi of Memnon.  These two 17 metre high statues are relics left of a colossal Temple Complex which is situated on the West Bank of the Nile. These statues are carved from solid granite blocks and represent the Pharaoh Amenhotep III. You will see excavations which are in progress now behind the statues for the uncovering and rebuilding the rest of Temple Complex.

The West Bank is known as the ‘ending of life’ in Egyptian mythology. It is known as this because the sun goes down in the west, thus anything in Egyptian mythology that talks about death is always represented in the west. (Optional Tour: Hot Air Ballooning over The Valley of the Kings at sunrise – very affordable and an experience that is memorable.)

We continue on to visit Valley of the Kings, also on the West Bank of the Nile, Howard Carter’s home—founder of King Tutankhamen’s Tomb. In Valley of the Kings we will visit 3 of the most preserved tombs still with coloured hieroglyphs intact out of the many Tombs still there. (Optional Costs are: King Tutankhamen’s Tomb where the King’s mummy is still displayed – not a plaster cast!!! Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple, Ramses VI Tomb.) We also visit the City of the Workers today – this City is a magnetic relic of the past and is where the Artisans who built and painted the Tombs lived and worked…..- Meditation at The City of the Workers….

Day 16: Catch plane back to Cairo & stay in our 5 Star Hotel across the road from the Pyramids. Tonight being our last night we have an optional choice of Dinner on the Nile or Sound & Light Show Pyramids….something so amazing I would watch it time after time after time……..to be discussed as a group…!

Days 17 & 18: Goodbye Cairo!

Land in Melbourne Airport.

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Your adventure will begin on Sat February 3 2018 until Thu February 22 2018

Tour Highlights

  • Meditation in Great Pyramid
  • Swimming in the Dead Sea
  • Meditation in Wadi Rum under the Night Sky of the Desert
  • Red Sea Beach Camp
  • Sound ‘n Light Show Pyramids

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  • Entrance Fee to Great Pyramid Complex



  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Camel Riding in Pyramid Complex
  • Sound ‘n Light Show Pyramids
  • Red Sea Camp Activities
  • Camel Riding up Mt Sinai
  • King Tutankhamen’s Tomb
  • Queen Hatshepsut’ Temple
  • Sakkara Pyramids

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  • Sound n Light Show Pyramids

MEDITATION NOTE: Anyone wishing to not participate in Meditations are not obliged to do so.