This Spiritual Safari Tour is filled with Wonders of the Ancient Nabataean Empire that will bring you to understand a unique History that Moses and the Nabataean Civilisation Lived Within the Deserts of Jordan…until our entry into Egypt to study the Temple of the Super Consciousness of the Soul…’   

‘Two Countries of the ‘Holy Biblical Days of the Past’, where Mortal and Soul are met as One during the Meditation Tour…’

Let’s continue our Spiritual Journey through Egypt’s Temples, Pyramids, Sahara Sands, Museums, Hieroglyphics plus more!

‘This Spiritual Safari Tour is filled with Wonders of the Ancient Egyptian Empire that will bring you to understand your Soul History…’

Choose to do the full tour or contact us if you would prefer either the Petra leg, or the Egypt leg only.

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You will be met by our very own English-speaking Jordan Tour Manager to take you through your Visa and Airport entry.

Drive straight to Petra and shown the highlights of the countryside as we take in the sights of Jordan.

Settled into Petra Hotel and after dinner we will explore Petra by Night with the 1000 Candle Night Show.

After breakfast, we will explore Petra by day. We will find an exclusive site to do a Meditation upon the Lands of Holiness in this amazing Rose-Coloured City.  Take in the true Nabataean people, small market stalls, children and the wonderful energy of this amazing desert city.

Lots of photos and chatting to people inside Petra is a natural for everyone, you will enjoy this day immensely.

Back to our Hotel for overnight stay and dinner.

Today we drive to Wadi Rum, stop for photos and enjoy the ‘Red Desert Mystery’s…!’

Once we arrive at our camp site, we rest until our dinner is prepared for us by our Bedouin Hosts.

After our camp site dinner, we will do a Holy Chant to open the Energy of the Star Constellations that surround our Planet and bring this Star Energy into the Heart of the Land and bring Healing to the World.

‘Wadi Rum is where the film Lawrence of Arabia was filmed…! If Hollywood loved it, you will too…!’

After breakfast, we drive to the Dead Sea, the Sea of Floating. The Dead Sea is a Salt Lake bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and Palestine to the West. It’s geographically in the very centre of the most important Biblical Energy of History. Its surface and shores are 403.5 metres (1,412 ft) below sea level and known as the Earth’s lowest elevation on lands. The Dead Sea is 304 metres (997ft) deep…. And yes! You will float in its waters!

NB: If there is a chance today, we will be going to Jerash to explore the ruins of a walled Greco-Roman settlement. It holds the 2nd Century Hadrian’s Arch and the Corinthian Columns of the Temple of Artemis…to be confirmed.

Spend the night in our Amman Hotel.

After breakfast, check out and head to Queen Alia Airport Amman and be transferred to our Flights back to Cairo for our time in continuing Our Soul Safari by visiting the Great Temples of Egypt, The Sphinx and The Great Pyramid and finishing off with 2 nights at the Red Sea.

Once landed in Cairo, we will be transferred to 5*Hotel, check in and relax. When everyone has arrived, we will have our Tour Meeting with Michelle and Mahmoud to talk about our Spiritual Safari Tour, filled with lots of fun and energy.

Tonight, we enter the Great Pyramid & Sphinx area to enjoy ‘The Sound and Light Show’ and the ‘Story of the Sphinx’.

NB: The flight from Jordan to Cairo has been added into your Total Tour Price.

After breakfast, drive toward the start of the ‘biggest’ Cemetery of Ancient Egypt, the ‘original’ Memphis, the City of God Ptah, Creator God and God of Craftsmen.
We start our Tour with the first classic shaped Pyramid dating back to 3800 BC, the Red Pyramid, then visit the Bent Pyramid and Meditate within its Energetic Field.

Afterwards we drive north to Saqqara to visit the ‘First Stone Complex’ in History, The Complex of Saqqara and the Step Pyramid. 

After lunch, we drive to the Giza Plateau to visit the Complex of the Great Pyramid.  As we enter inside the Great Pyramid, we climb to the Sacred Room and will have quiet time together to Meditate and ‘feel the vibration of this wonderful Magnetic World.

After the Great Pyramid, we visit the Tombs of the Workers and their City for a ‘Silent Pilgrimage Walk’ to understand the depth of these great builders who built the Pyramids back all those aeons ago. Then drive to the panoramic area to see the entire complex before exploring the Sphinx – ‘Knowledge Carrier of the Old…’ (What does the Sphinx know that we don’t know?!?)

After dinner at the Hotel we will discuss our day and how it felt to walk in ‘Silence’, Meditate and Experience the days of Ancient Egypt our Soul knows.

After breakfast drive to Coptic Cairo explore the Hanging Church, also known as ‘The Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church’ dating back to the 3rd Century and afterwards we drive to explore the ‘City of the Dead’.

Then we continue to explore Cairo from the Mountain of Al Moqattam. Al Moqattam Mountain is the ‘Backbone Turtle Shield’, which protects the City of Cairo.

Then off to the ‘Biggest Museum in the World’ the Egyptian Museum. We will ‘listen to’ and ‘feel’ the stories of old and get fulfilled with the wisdom that Mahmoud will speak about the Ancient Beginning of Egypt and speak about the Truth of ‘why are we exist…’

After breakfast drive to Bahariya Oasis, the first Oasis, 365km from Cairo into the Western Desert, visit the Black Desert and Crystal Mountain. We Camp at night at the White Desert and ‘Meditate under the Stars’ while we listen to the ‘Silence’ and perhaps ‘hear’ the Goddess MRYT-SGR, Lady of the West, her Emblem being the Cobra representing Wisdom. Wisdom is the ‘power of desert’, we will let her Wisdom flow into our Crown Chakras through our Meditation time.

Wake up! Time to drive to the Hot Springs to Shower, which is really needed after over night at the Desert! City tour of Bahariya and visit the Salt Lake and the English Mountain.

Drive to Cairo to catch a flight Aswan.

Aswan is a major City along the Nile, and is considered as a connection to the Base Chakra. Aswan is also known as The Gateway to the Sahara. The Base Chakra is the Directional Chakra, and the Gateway to the Sahara is the Direction of Adventure.

The main God of Aswan is Khnum, the Ram-Headed God — the God of Creation who sits on the potter’s wheel and forms matter into individuals out of clay. When visiting Aswan, many people experience what is described as ‘A REBIRTH’. At Aswan we visit the Temples of Philae & Unfinished Obelisk – The Classic Temple of ISIS. Aswan Bazaar is one of the most interesting and dare I say ‘Tempting’ Bazaars I have seen…?!? Yes, you will have fun there!

Drive early to Abu Simbul to visit the most magnificent Temple of King Ramses II and The Temple of his wife Nefertari. Being a 3 hour trip through the Sahara Desert we will enjoy the Sunrise as it rises over the mounds of sand of the Sahara! A spectacular memory forever!

Today we begin our 3 day 5* River Nile Cruise. Check in to our Dahabyia and experience sailing down the famous ‘River of Life’, the Grand River Nile. During our cruise we will be exploring Temples and Tombs, fields of green on both sides and animals that graze along the River Banks.

As we move away from Aswan and sail on the ‘Backbone of this Divine Being’, we come into contact with the Temple of Ko Mombo – a connection to the Navel Chakra – the Sacral Centre. This Temple is dedicated to two Gods, Sobek and Ra-Horakhty. Sobek is the Crocodile God, which represents the Lower Self, and the God Ra-Horakhty — Horus Who Is In the Heavens — represents the Higher Self.

This Temple holds the Atlantean Energy. If you are ready for this experience you will detach from the struggles of own Higher and Lower Selves, to let go of fear and negativity as we see the struggle between the Higher and Lower Selves depicted on the temple walls.

Today we will move on to Edfu — still in the area of the Navel Chakra. Here we see and learn about the struggle of good and bad through the story of Isis, Osirus, Set and Horus. At Edfu Temple you will connect with your ‘Hidden Emotions’ as we Meditate and consider ‘All of our Reality’. We will visit the Sanctuary in the rear of the Temple – Temple of Horus – His Energy is still very present.

Back on board our 5* Dahabyia we take afternoon tea during sailing to Esna. Dinner and overnight on board.

After the Naval Chakra we move to Karnak Temple – this is the Solar Plexus Chakra. The tradition of the Ancient World is called ‘The Masters of the Net’, an illustration from the Temple walls at Karnak, showing Thoth, the Ibis headed God, who stands behind the Egyptian high culture, stretching a cord, to give the extent of Spirit moving in to physical space.

While the ‘Masters of the Net’ was one expression of the type of Initiation that took place in Great Spiritual Systems, to teach Initiates how Spiritual Forces can be brought in to manifestation in the physical world, this ‘Net’ that is being described is the same thing that we find in modern physics as ‘The Net of Space Time’.

The Temple of Karnak describes the process of the Creation of the Manifest Universe, the Descent of Spirit into Matter using the Golden Blueprint of Creation. The Essence of Karnak Temple comes most alive in a small Sanctuary dedicated to Sekhmet the Lioness Goddess of Healing and War.

We will walk through the Seven Doors into Sekhmet’s Temple and experience the magnificent Energies of Healing and Activation she offers.

We next visit Luxor Temple, which is also associated with the Third chakra. The Temple of Luxor describes the structure of the human body, incorporating its Energy Centres being ‘The Chakras’. (Luxor Bazaar – a GREAT BARGINING EXPERIENCE!)

Overnight on Cruise.

Today, we visit the West Bank and the Valley of the Kings, The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at El-Deir El-Bahari & the Colossi of Memnon. Meditate at the Peak of the Mountain of the Valley of the Kings.

(Optional Tour to do Hot Air Balloon at Sunrise over Valley of the Queen’s, not included.)

The most beautiful of the Temples on the Nile is the Sanctuary at Dendarah, dedicated to Hathor, the Goddess of Love and Wife of Ra. Naturally this Centre corresponds to the Heart Chakra.

Abydos Temple is also associated with the Heart Chakra, while Osirion Temple sits behind Abydos Temple, carries its own Energy. Abydos is known as the ‘Place of Healing and Transformation’. Heart Chakra.

Today we drive through the desert to our 5* Resort at the Red Sea. Free time and Meditation on the Beach Front at night under the Stars. Overnight at the Hotel.

Free day. (GoE Tours will update you with the optional Red Sea Tour).

After breakfast, we drive to Cairo International Airport for departure to fly home.

GoE TOURS promise that you will love this ‘UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE TOUR’!

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When is it?

Your adventure will begin on Mon October 22 2018 until Sun November 11 2018

Tour Highlights

• See the best of Petra, by Day and Night

• Wonders of the Ancient Nabataean Empire

• Holy Biblical Days of the Past

• Swim in the Dead Sea

• Visit the Great Pyramids and Temples of Egypt

• Meditations


DATES: This is an ongoing Tour throughout the year. Please enquire for our next Tour Date.

What's Included

• All *5 accommodation Jordan/Petra, including your Wadi Rum Overnight Camp Stay in the Desert

• All Air-Conditioned Vehicles

• English speaking Tour Guides

• All Meals

• Visa into Jordan

• International Air Fares from Jordan to Cairo to begin Egypt Tour on 1st October and 2 night stay at Red Sea, compliments of GoE Tours

• Egyptian Visa into Egypt

• All Facilitated Meditations

• Entrance Fees

• All Tipping

Not Included

Travel Insurance, Personal Essentials, Spending Money, Air Fares to and from your destination of home

Important Information

Fly to Queen Alia International Airport Jordon, Fly home from Cairo Airport Egypt. This flight is not included in Land Package however, the Jordan-Cairo flight is included within the Land Package that combines our Petra/Egypt Tour. This Internal Land Package Flight is organised by Mahmoud and Michelle.