30 mins $60 | 60 mins $90 | Private Appointment or Phone Reading: Same Prices

Phone Readings or Private Appointment Available

Michelle has over 35 years experience in Tarot Reading.

Michelle’s unique combination of blending her Mediumship skills with the Tarot Deck brings clear and concise answers to many a problem a person may be experiencing. Whether it is the past, the present, sickness, financial or just directional change, Michelle can help you find a clear answer.

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1 Hour Private Meditation Class: $30

Meditation is the ‘Relaxation of the Subconscious Mind’. The Subconscious Mind is the total physical body.

Michelle teaches you through Guided Meditation a way of ‘relaxing the thoughts and feelings’ that channel through our physical body that cause stress related problems. Loose the stress, you will loose the endless mind chatter that cause friction inside the emotions.. Meditation is beneficial to all who are interested in developing Stress Release, Spiritual Development or entering the Spiritual Wholistic Field.

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1 Hour Group Class: $20 – Group Class goes 6 Weeks

available for those who wish to work one-on-one with Michelle in Spiritual Development Style Meditation or who just wish to Meditate without others around.

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Michelle has a long history of holding World Healing Meditations for 3rd World Countries

Michelle works closely with Egypt and Africa in raising funds for Medical Supplies, Shoes, Clothes, Wheel Chairs and other needy items that the Western World do not realise is not supplied easily to the people in 3rd World Countries. Buckets to carry water are not available easily. Baby clothes that have been handed down person to person become worn and tattered…

Michelle holds En Masse World Healing Meditation Fund Raising Nights for 3rd World Countries regularly. $400-$500 can go a long way in these countries. Michelle asks for a $10-$15 per person Donation for Meditation and Supper to help others in need. Enquire for next date.

Michelle’s most recent Fund Raising Event was for TANTA HOSPITAL EGYPT, raising $1000. This Fund Raiser was over a small period of one month with people donating loose change during the month, with En Mass Meditation held just before Christmas 2016. Thank you for everyone for participating.

Stay tuned for GoE’s next En Mass Meditation during 2017.

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1 Hour includes Meditation $90 

1.5 Hour includes Meditation $150

Michelle will help you see and hear your Inner Voice as you work together through the Karmic Lessons you have experienced over the years via: relationship, love, anger, childhood, children, death, role play, divorce, separation, peer pressure and other human emotional problems life can present.

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1 Hour Private Class including Meditation: $30

One-on-One Private Yoga Class. 

For those who wish to stretch and relax those muscles ‘you’ve forgotten about’ or for just to reprogram the body to breathe and relax, Michelle holds Private Yoga Classes.

Chair Stretching and Relaxation plus Meditation for those who can’t sit or lie upon the floor due to Rehabilitation, Weight Challenged, Pregnancy or any other reason.

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1 Hour Private Class including Meditation and Oils: $30

The Use of Aromatherapy Oils during Traditional Yoga Stretches plus Meditation.

Chair Stretching and Body Movements with the use of Essential Aroma Oils to help the breath work clear throughout the physical body and muscular structure; designed to help Rehabilitation or Weight Challenged, Pregnancy or any other reason.

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1 Hour Reiki Treatment including Aroma Essential Oils: $70

Beneficial Energy Alignments with Aroma Oils and Chakra Balancing.

REIKI means: The Universal Life Energy. This Energy is the Key to Life’s Health, the Key to Life itself as it’s an Energy that feeds the cells of the body and brain to keep them functioning healthily.

REIKI is a specialised Wholistic Treatment where the Aura and the Chakras are balanced and cleansed by Energy Alignment. Use of Aroma Essential Oils are also applied during the Healing time to open and recharge the Chakra Grids, thus giving the client an entire Body Cleansing.

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1 Hour Massage Appointments: $80

(All Massage includes Reiki, Aroma Oils and Chakra Balancing)

Aroma Relaxation with Reiki  

Relaxation Massage is a perfect way to de-stress the physical mind and body. The Relaxation Massage Technique Michelle uses applies Energy Alignment and Chakra Balancing, so a complete Wholistic Treatment is applied to the Physical and Auric body’s.

Kahuna/Lomi Lomi with Reiki

Hawaiian Style Rhythmic Massage that reshapes the physical body by realigning the Rhythm to the Soul. Sometimes Emotions will throw our rhythm out of synch to our Soul, thus we could make wrong decisions or feel out of balance with our lives.

Kahuna Massage will bring the physical self back in synch to your true path. Included is Aroma Essential Oils and Chakra Balancing.

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30 min Consultation: $50 + Australian Bush Flower Remedy $15.

Consult with Michelle about the Emotional or Spiritual problems that may be challenging you thus causing physical problems you or your children may be having.

Problems such as: ADD, ADHA, Stress, Grief, Fear of Flying, Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Divorce Grief, Separation Grief, Life’s Lessons, Emotional Stress, plus more…

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