The Practice of Meditation

Meditation is something that must be practiced to understand how to become still. It takes time to learn to sit quietly when one is not use to it. Never feel you are failing if you have to fidget, the body is learning to relax and the tension that is held deep within the muscles may cause itchiness when learning to relax. During Meditation, never worry if you find yourself thinking. This is normal, because the brain will quietly begin to de-stress the thought patterns when you sit to relax. Thoughts during Meditation over time will slowly disappear. It takes practice to find a peaceful mind.


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Colour is often one of the things that people see in Meditation. The visions that can be seen through the Brow Chakra often start with colour. All colours have meaning; below are a few guided colour meanings for you to work with:

RED: to make decisions, or perhaps it shows you are feeling hurt or angry.
YELLOW: to bring in happiness and wisdom.
BLUE: to bring about clear communication to yourself over a matter in your life.
VIOLET: perhaps it’s the colour of your Spiritual Guide visiting you during your quiet Meditation time.
WHITE: brings peace to your inner self.
BLACK: it’s an opening into the dimensional doors that Meditation can bring to you.


Benefits that may be Received from Learning Meditation

Some of the benefits received when one chooses to Meditate regularly are:

  • Instilling an inner power of peace.
  • It can helps you to understand breath control, thus reducing signs of stress and regaining balance of health in one’s emotional and spiritual life.
  • Meditation can help one to resolve emotional issues one may be carrying within the Subconscious Mind that may bring sickness into one’s life, if resolved, sickness may be stopped or cleared away from the body.
  • Often we do not realize how stress affects our body. We often carry stress levels that are so high that our health is affected. Meditation is a cure for many stress levels.

To Meditate in Sacred Energy Zones around the world can change your life because of the magnetic energy one feels internally can change your life forever….

The Soul needs Meditation because it is known as ‘Food for the Soul’. Meditation is the Energy Source that feed your Soul nourishment.


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