Michelle has studied Wholistic Therapies for many years and has always been interested in the ancient ways of how civilisations practiced Medicine, Breath Work, Massage, Martial Arts, Meditation and the Soul. Over time, Michelle has created GoE Tours to challenge and to share with people how to overcome the burdens and stresses that life can give and move into the new era of life that has opened upon this planet. Michelle has placed her studies into Life Changing Tours, giving people the chance to release their fears, anxieties and stress behind them forever.

Let us help you design the Tours that fits your needs, whether it’s a Martial Arts Tour, Spiritual Meditation Tour, Wholistic Therapies Tour, or something else that you are thinking about…..GoE Tours can design anything to help you in your travelling needs…

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GoE Tours specialises in Meditation & Spiritual Healing Tours, Earth Grid Tours as well as the History of the Martial Artist Tours with its ancient techniques of training and discipline.

We take people to places where no one else has experienced entering into a world of ‘SILENCE’; a World of Self-Discovery and a World of Overcoming the Inner Struggles that often plague us daily.


A Little About Mahmoud Abdel Kader

Mahmoud Abdel Kader, Founder of Iaru Experience Egypt, is an experienced contemporary Healer who has studied Kinesiology and Spiritual Egyptology alongside many other Spiritual Philosophies and Modalities for many years. Michelle met Mahmoud whilst travelling through Egypt and together have formed ‘Specialist Spiritual Safari’s’ designed for Humanitarian and Energetic Healing Study Type Tours including Meditation throughout Egypt, giving you the experience you have longed for to not only visit and Mediate in the Great Sacred Sites and Temples, including the Great Pyramid, but also to bring to you an understanding of the great Spiritual Shifts that are now taking place upon this Earth at present.

Mahmoud carries with him a certain deep connection to his Egyptian Heritage, which is displayed by his deep understanding of the Hieroglyphic Language. As he speaks and tells the ‘stories of old’, you will be amazed at how the Ancient Egyptian Life comes alive to you, and your Soul will feel the connection to this Ancient Past.


GoE Tours is excited about having Mahmoud Abdel Kader to be a part of the team.

During our Egyptian Tours, Michelle and Mahmoud will show you an Egyptian Paradise where the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Where the Desert Sings the Songs of its Ancient Past, not to mention the villages and local life as well as the Temples and Sacred Sites of the ‘Real Egypt’.

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What is different about GoE’s Egypt Spiritual Tours to other Egyptian tours?

“….this is a very good question, I guess our Tours are showing people the ‘Occult or Spiritual Side’ of the Hieroglyphic Laws hidden inside the Universal Symbols of the Hieroglyphic Language.

The depth is inside the Glyphs themselves and how the Glyphs hold the vibration of the Temple’s Life Force still alive today.

On GoE’s Spiritual Tours, our professional Guides, Mahmoud Abdelkader (Egyptologist) and Michelle Boughen (Spiritual Symbolist) mix their knowledge with the Spiritual Universal Knowledge that is hidden inside the Hieroglyphic Language.

Whilst in the presence of the Temples of Egypt, Mahmoud and Michelle work closely together by blending their development of the both Academic and Spiritualist knowledge; they explain clearly what the Stories of Hieroglyphic and Myth are about.

Such God’s and Goddess’s as Anubis, Ra, Maat, Hathor, Horus, Set, all bring a story of great inner Soul Balance and Power for every human being to connect with….

Mahmoud and Michelle speak from a scholarly point of view and bring it into the ‘Spiritual point of view’, thus creating an Wholistic Approach to Egyptology. With respect of how the amazing depiction of Hieroglyphic Symbology that has been found in reading the Glyphs the mortal way, however now blending this Mortal Knowledge into a deeper meaning of Hieroglyphic Symbology.

Michelle says, “To study one Glyph at a time on its own until the Soul opens the Glyph’s structure to give the person the hidden knowledge is important. These structures are explained fully when walking through Karnak, Luxor, Hathor, Sobek, and other Temples throughout our Tours….”

“This is the only way one can go through the Alphabet of Drawings looking and rethinking the lines and designs and relation to spirituality that the Soul understands.”



Mahmoud and Michelle believe that upon Earth, the Glyphs depict the Birds, Animals, Nature and the Seasons of Earth Change….

They depict Cycles of Civilisations and Soul Reincarnation to bring about a Renewal of Life, like how lessons bring about a Renewal of Soul Life through Soul Growth,


This is why one needs to combine Hieroglyphs together with the Spiritual Soul Symbols.

The Soul recognises Symbols that have been a part of the Souls Past Life Experience. In the various Past Life Civilisations, whether Viking, Celtic, Toltec, Mayan, Egyptian or Island Pacific, each Civilisation has carried its own Art Form that relates to the Soul. These Art Forms are now Symbolic to the Soul Memory.


The proof of this is within the Soul. Only you can find your proof inside your belief system once you open the Soul Super Consciousness that is locked within the Core of the Soul. The RA Symbol, a Circle with a Dot in the Middle of it is the Symbol of the Super Consciousness that once one enters inside the Dot (Core of the Soul), one will open their Consciousness into the Eternal Language of the Soul.

When reading the Hieroglyphics, one needs to combine Glyphs together with the Spiritual Soul Symbols one already knows, then one will connect to a Universal Galactic Language, a Language that connects with the Music of the Spheres that combines with the Tones of Creation and the Manifestation Laws of the Universe.

GoE Spiritual Meditation Tours are a ‘Journey’ – they are known as: ‘The Journey of the Book of Egypt’. This Book is written through the Temples of Old. Each Temple is a Chapter in this Book – and together Temple by Temple we read the Book of Ancient Egypt.

But we need to sit inside these Temples and just study the Hieroglyphs and let them speak to you.

Between the Vibes in the air still being alive with information, we as a group then begin to raise our vibration into the Realm of the Hieroglyphic Language – The Realm of the Language of the Universal Galactic Universe.

This Language is TONAL.

Our Soul is TONAL.

When we sit in SILENCE inside the Pyramids, the Temples and Sites of Ancient Egypt, we sit in the TONES OF THE UNIVERSE.

While we sit, our Soul receives a chance to blend with the TONE of this UNIQUE LANGUAGE.


Michelle Boughen

Mahmoud Abdelkader

GODS OF EGYPT by Mahmoud Abdel Kader – Egyptologist and GoE’s Tour Guide

Meet Your Tour Photographer / Videographer Rick


Rick has been working in the drama field since the age of 15. His passion for film making started during his early years whilst studying acting and stage production.

Over the years, Rick has been commissioned by various businesses in hospitality and acting schools in making short movies for Marketing. GoE Tours has been lucky enough to ‘catch’ Rick and his expertise to capture the ‘true essence’ of our Meditation Tours to help you understand what you will experience whilst travelling to amazing Sacred Sites World Wide. Rick brings to our team a ‘light heartedness and ease’ with his personality which will make you feel your part of the GoE Meditation Tours Family…!

Rick is available for free lancing and can be contacted at



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Michelle and Rick on location in Aswan

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